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Let’s face it, with so much time being spent playing video games, texting, Facebooking and surfing the net on iPhones and iPads today’s youth have a short attention span and demand to be entertained.  So why waterfowl hunting? It’s simple … waterfowl hunting meets all the requirements today's youth demand.  Waterfowl hunting 1) comes in doses of quick and furious live action, 2) requires skills and strategy and 3) most important of all to them …. they get to shoot more than once on most outings! What electronic device can compete against that.

What is considered “too young” to bring a child out to the blind to enjoy the excitement of waterfowl hunting? Well there is no clear-cut answer and it all depends on your individual youth and you. Only you can determine when is a good time to bring your youth out into the blind. Each child is different. To ensure that they enjoy this new adventure, do not introduce them too early. We have successfully brought youth into the blind for a hunt as early as 5 years old.

You will find many tips on this site over the next few months that worked well for us to be successful with our youth and we hope they will assist you as well. First the definition of “success” is not measured in the number of waterfowl taken during a hunt, but rather did the youth have fun and “wants to go again”. Yes taking home a few ducks always increased the level of enjoyment for all. But if you do not make that the focus of your outing, both you and your youth will realize just how enjoyable the adventure and the time spent together is.

But to get them out there to experience this thrill and want to keep coming out does require some work on our part – the adults. To help you get your youth away from electronics and out into the great outdoors we would like to share some tips that have worked well for us. Find a topic of interest below and click on the link.

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Tips for Hunting With Youth Blog Post:

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